Zoe Powell- Update

11th September 2018

August marked the beginning of an exciting month with Huck and I getting ready for our second 1*, this time at Camden Bicentennial Equestrian Park. The first Friday saw us hitting the road early to tackle the long drive home to Sydney. On the way we stopped at Tinney Eventing to have a quick, and well needed, jump tune up before the weekend! We arrived on Saturday to a very different scene to the normal green grounds of Camden. It was sad to see how badly the drought was affecting everyone, not just those in regional/rural locations. Luckily the committee had taken measures to aerate the ground to allow any rain to break through the surface. Dressage saw a better test where I worked on being more accurate and pushing Huck to see what I could get from him. Later that day we tackled a tough and full sized showjumping round which lead to a few issues on course for some riders. I tried to work on having him soft into the fences and we produced some lovely jumps over a handful of them! Xcountry, as always, looked like a nice and challenging course. Huck and I had the best warm up yet, which boosted my confidence heading out. He was listening and waiting and we just seemed to get every stride in a flowing manner. He followed this up by being a legend on course and made everything look easy. We had a super confident ride which allowed me to let him move forward whilst still staying soft. I wasn’t going for time but ended up only being 4 seconds off! I realised how easy it is to make time if you let the horse travel into the fence at a stronger pace instead of going from a gallop to a collected canter. I was over the moon at how our second 1* attempt went, it was another big learning curve for the both of us. I saw some big improvements from Huck over the weekend and also some stuff to take home and work on.The rest of the month was a little less interesting seeing me tackling some mid-session uni exams and getting my 4 wisdom teeth removed. Huck and I are excited for what September has in line including Wagga Wagga Horse Trails and Canberra ODE!



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