Zoe Powell- Update

8th August 2018

June has been an intensive month of training for Huck and I in preparation for our attempt at 1* at Camden in August. Uni holidays saw us attend two well need clinics for a bit of a tune up! The first was at Wallaby Hill with my instructors, Stuart and Karen Tinney. I was very pleased with Huck’s performance in the xcountry lesson, tackling some big and scary combinations and showing patience and scope in our showjumping lesson. The second clinic was with Sam Lyle at Camden to make sure I had tackled some of the harder jumps that would be in the upcoming event. Once again Huck performed wonderfully and helped boost my confidence to try 1* again. Next month we plan to attend some local showjumping and dressage competitions in Wagga Wagga to help prepare for our run at Camden! Until next time Zoe

July saw Huck and I leaving Sydney to head back to Wagga after the end of a much need uni break. We entered in some local competitions through REA (Riverina Equestrian Association) including a dressage protocol day and showjumping training. These events were perfect for practicing and receiving feedback on how I could improve my ride. We received some handy but basic tips on easy ways to bump up your dressage marks which are often overlooked and I thought you guys might find helpful! 1. Start each movement just before the marker! The position the judges are in make it hard to see when you are exactly at the marker and sometimes your movements may look late when done exactly on it! 2. Accuracy, accuracy and accuracy! Even if its not the prettiest and most collected ride if you accurately ride the diameter of the circle or from marker to marker you can bump up your marks by 1 or 2 3. Visualisation! Visualise the arena you are riding in, where the letters and judges are and where you have to go. This will help you feel familiar with your surroundings and also remember your test! We floated down the last weekend in July to Canberra for a final tune up before heading back to Sydney to compete. Once again Huck was fantastic and we worked one coming into combinations with more impulsion! As I write this I am finishing packing to head down the Camden to have another crack at 1*. Im feeling confident and prepared and cannot wait to see how the weekend unfolds. Until next time Zoe

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